My Hello Blog Post


I’m finally taking the plunge and writing a blog about my crafting experiences and online business, hopefully giving you a few tidbits to add to your arsenal. I will start with a basic background of my crafting and creating journey but will pop in more details from time to time.

I’m a mother of 2 teenagers and married to a man that continues to make me laugh.

As a child I was always drawing, painting and doing puzzles. Puzzles you think “why is she telling this as part of her story?” Well I think it honed in on my skill for spatial value and led me on my career path of Interior Design. I LOVED this job and worked in many facets of the business from residential, corporate office design to retail design and store planning for major retail chains. In design you need to look at the screen and work a floor plan as a puzzle to fit everything you need to include, but still have proper traffic flow with efficient use of the space and BALANCE.


I use all these skills to make my products for the business and having everything organized. After having my children I stayed home with them but needed a creative outlet (and some extra cash). I started a professional organizing business using my interior design background specializing in quilting and hobby rooms.



Before having my kids, I began quilting when a new quilt shop opened up in my town and I really took to it. I started by making baby quilts for all my friends having babies and made the Square in a Square quilt with colors that matched their living room. I progressed to full size quilts quickly and loved switching up patterns to design something different and to fit in the puzzle aspect. Then one of the shop owners started a class called ‘The Bag Ladies’ and a bigger passion came alive.



There is quite a bit more story about my sewing and bag making passion, but I will tell you more later as this blog could be novella size before too long. 😂Here are some samples of bags I am currently making and selling in my online shop





These are project bags for any type of crafting from knitting, embroidery, cross stitch and so much more. The bags and accessories in my shop are made for the purpose to inspire a creative note to your day and to help you stay organized in your crafty adventures. Each item is handcrafted with attention to details to make a product that will last.

My plan on this space is to show you my journey as you can never stop learning and to give you some tips along the way. Tips that have worked for me in my crafting life and help staying organized.

Candice ;-)